Hi, I’m Jon and this is my website.

It’s intended audience is me.

I think that writing things down can help solidify and export thoughts from your brain and stop them banging around in your head. I intend to post-and-ghost1. My writing will contradict itself and the beliefs will clash, but I think that’s ok. I’d rather put stuff down in ink and be wrong, then never write.

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not.

Things I’ve made

  • Ode

  • Manifestos.info

Things I’ve written


  1. I have a couple of rules for myself on the internet:

    • Only interact positively, no good comes from public negativity.
    • Everyone wants to addict you to their feed, avoid scrolling.

    Better to put stuff out, interact mindfully and get on with life. 

  2. Because this is a website for me, I’ve decided to add copious amounts of footnotes. In theory so I can be as tangential as I like, but mostly to emulate my favourite author: Terry Pratchett